Thursday, October 28, 2010

First couple days in Yuma

Pat followed me over to this RV storage place. It's close to our park. they charge $20 a month to park here. There is a high fence all around, and, at 5 PM when they close a couple over very big and hungry dogs patrol all night. they have never had a problem with any of the RV being broken into.

Getting the bikes ready to ride and a couple to sell. Sorry Jim, I'll get the bicycles off your house tomorrow :-)

Ex-neighbor Redd has moved into the old historic Apache Hotel that is owned by his ex-wife. It's working out good for them, and he's done an amazing amount of work outside.

He move all his antiques from Jim and Katie's place over to this location in Old Town. It's really coming along nicely.

Fire pit. Redd want's to have a vroc party here this winter if we get some Winter visitors.

He surprised me with my own bench to sit by the fire :-)

Redd showing Pat and I around

Starting to look like sort of a park around the old hotel.

Aligators and mermaids in the bath tub

The 1500 A (Cat bike) is all charged up, cleaned up, and ready to take out to the park and sell. I've ran out of room, and the management in the park has been sort of hinting that I've taking up too much room with "stuff". All's well, they are really good people.

Close to the Marine Air Base, this will be a good location. Also, it's on the route from the Foothills to town. Hundreds of Snowbirds drive by here every day. Hopefully the bike will sell fast.

Back at Redd's.

Frogs at play

The old Greyhound Station in the Hotel Del Sol. An old landmarl. Restaurant, Nightclub, Taven, Hotel and Bus Depot. Several movies have been made in and around this building. Only a block away from the Hotel Apache.

It was a large Hotel in it's day. Right next to the Railroad Station, that has been torn down. Used to be right in the middle of the Red Light district of Yuma

Back at the house. It's in the mid 80's, but I'm wearing the coat because it was part of "the deal". That's Redd's new TW200, and behind me is the 2009 Sportster 1200 Custom Low, Limited Edition. That's Jim and Katie's house in the background.

There it is..Needs some personal touches and adjustments, and it will be the "Arizona Harley"

Monday, October 25, 2010

More Yuma travel

This was out last night on the road. This little Casino was lit up like Las Vegas! There was almost a full moon, in addition to all the lights on the building and the Palm trees. It's was very pretty. Just across the Highway is the Salton Sea.

We arrived in Yuma this morning at 9:30 AM. Spent the last road night in the parking lot of the Red Earth Casino, on the shores of the Salton Sea. Weak WiFi, and no Buffet. :-( Anyway, didn't take any pictures. IT'S SOOOO NICE to be back in our little house in Yuma!

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Mary Luther. Lead Singer and Bass. Mary is who makes Hudson Ridge "Happen". This picture was taken Saturday the 23rd in Stayton, OR. Hudson Ridge was the "Headliner" group at the Stayton Fine Arts Music Festival. They did a performance to benefit the High School Music Department.

Bob Shaffar. Dobro, Violin, Viola, and Cool Hat!

Jerene Shaffar. Sings, plays Bass and Mandolin.

Kevin Freeman. Lead Guitar, Singer.

Shelley Freeman. Singer and Bass.

On Stage in Stayton. A GREAT performance! This group is going places!

Fred Grove. Singer and Rhythm guitar.

And one more of Mary....She sings her heart out..........

Late on a cold, wet, afternoon in Salem, OR. The leaves were beautiful this year, but the strong winds and rain of last week are taking their toll on the leaves.

Dozens of interesting clocks in this shop...Some real beauties.

Grandfather clocks are standing all over the floor space. Some worth several thousand dollars. All shapes and sizes. The owner of this clock shop is one of the few Master Clock Makers left...anywhere.

Kizzy is the latest member of the Whaley family. She's such a sweetie!

Sunday morning. Bob is showing me pictures of some projects he has been working on at work. Bob is an "Old School-New School" Machinist. There's not much he doesn't know about building and repairing any kind of a mechanical piece. Currently he's at a large shop that takes care of several lumber mills.

A dark, rainy morning, we get ready to leave Bob and Ronda's, enroute the South Land.

We had rain from Salem all the way to just North of the San Francisco Bay.

Stopped near the base of Mount Shasta. Julie doesn't like the wind very much, she wanted to get back inside Minnie. Hard to pee in the wind when you weigh less than 3 pounds. It was so foggy and cloudy you couldn't see the mountain, although we were very close.

Gina's Cafe. Don (vsp)'s favorite breakfast place in Stockton, CA. This pastry was fresh out of the oven.

Don has a Veggie Scramble a couple times a week. Of course it comes with hash browns and gravy. He says he has it so he can get his vegetables. In this picture he's pointing out how to use the iBook I just bought from him. Been wanting to see what a Mac was all about, so now I have one to play with this Winter.

A Quiche. Zucchini, bacon, onions, and other stuff. Sure smelled good. They pulled it from the oven just as we were leaving.

Don snapped this picture of me at the counter at Gina's. He introduced me to all his early morning "cronies". A very nice place, and fine bunch of people. I'm getting coffee to go.

All summer, Don has ridden his bicycle 3.7 miles to get here for breakfast. Then over 5 miles to get home. It's been good for him. Now that it's getting cold in the mornings, he'll be driving again. Gina's isn't your typical "greasy spoon". It would satisfy just about any critical gourmet!

Flying J has merged with Pilot. They took out the old restaurants and replaced them with Denny's. The stores have been all re-arranged. They are also using a new WiFi service, not as good as the old one. Sometimes "Change" isn't good!

For many years, the hills and valleys around Palm Springs have had wind generators. Seems like they have been adding a lot, there are hundreds of new ones this year.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Road to Yuma

The younger ones in the Lego Robot League. It's amazing how these kids can design and build actual robots that work!

This older ones are working on plans to use in the competition. The theme is using robots for medical purposes.

That's Nathan, my oldest Grandson in the black t-shirt. He's 12 years old, and is as tall as I am!
Thursday morning. The vehicles are put away. Sea Foam in the tanks, and Battery Tenders connected to all three. We're just about ready to roll!

Sunrise over a beautiful lighthouse! Took this picture inside the Pig n' Pancake restaurant in Newport, OR.

South Beach Oregon State Park. There are many parks to choose from on the Coast. This is one of the larger ones, and there were plenty of spaces. We chose this one because we had a good shot at the satellite for the TV. It was a nice quiet night.

This lady had very bright red hair. She's standing at the walk up pharmacy window at Bi-Mart. I think she's trying to get some medicine to cure her dressing habits. :-)

Fresh goodies! We got a Bakers Dozen.

Sign says it's a Mexican Bakery, but this cook looks like she came from the North side of the border.

Cold Stone on one side, then the bakery on the other. A hard place to get by! This is in a shopping center in Lincoln City, OR.

Jon greets us with a birthday card for Grandma Pat. Nathan made her one too. We just pulled into our daughter Angie's place.

This swing can really get good elevation! Jon was hoping he could jump off into the water, but it's a little too far away for that.

This is where I'm sitting right now as I work on the blog. Angie and the boys are getting ready for the Robotic Lego team that will show up soon.

Her front window is about 6' x 8". It looks huge, and always a different view of the lake.

The class room is set up for the building and programing of the robots. This team is in a State and National competition, the first State meet will be in Corvallis in early December.