Friday, October 22, 2010

Road to Yuma

The younger ones in the Lego Robot League. It's amazing how these kids can design and build actual robots that work!

This older ones are working on plans to use in the competition. The theme is using robots for medical purposes.

That's Nathan, my oldest Grandson in the black t-shirt. He's 12 years old, and is as tall as I am!
Thursday morning. The vehicles are put away. Sea Foam in the tanks, and Battery Tenders connected to all three. We're just about ready to roll!

Sunrise over a beautiful lighthouse! Took this picture inside the Pig n' Pancake restaurant in Newport, OR.

South Beach Oregon State Park. There are many parks to choose from on the Coast. This is one of the larger ones, and there were plenty of spaces. We chose this one because we had a good shot at the satellite for the TV. It was a nice quiet night.

This lady had very bright red hair. She's standing at the walk up pharmacy window at Bi-Mart. I think she's trying to get some medicine to cure her dressing habits. :-)

Fresh goodies! We got a Bakers Dozen.

Sign says it's a Mexican Bakery, but this cook looks like she came from the North side of the border.

Cold Stone on one side, then the bakery on the other. A hard place to get by! This is in a shopping center in Lincoln City, OR.

Jon greets us with a birthday card for Grandma Pat. Nathan made her one too. We just pulled into our daughter Angie's place.

This swing can really get good elevation! Jon was hoping he could jump off into the water, but it's a little too far away for that.

This is where I'm sitting right now as I work on the blog. Angie and the boys are getting ready for the Robotic Lego team that will show up soon.

Her front window is about 6' x 8". It looks huge, and always a different view of the lake.

The class room is set up for the building and programing of the robots. This team is in a State and National competition, the first State meet will be in Corvallis in early December.

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