Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Pat and Pauline looking at the pictures Angie sent of their Thanksgiving dinner.

Went on a Crane job with Richard this morning. He set 2 Air Conditioners on the top of this building in Rohnert Park. His business has several sizes of cranes and bridge platform machines.

The leaves are still on the trees here. Some still turning.

We had a huge dinner at 2:30. But, being a creature of habit, at 4:45 Pauline said, "When are we having dinner?". So, she's eating it now. I guess when you're 2 days short of being 100, you can eat what you want, when you want! :-) She's always eaten well, and has never been overweight. A hard working lady!

Richard has several citrus trees. Looks like a good crop coming up.

I picked a bag full of Pomegranates. This tree was loaded, and they are ripe to the point of popping open.

Another orange tree.

Ready to eat!

Pauline Wells. Pat's mother will be 100 years old on Saturday. Julie, our 2.9 pound poodle is going on 13. They are both in good shape!

Oil pumpers and Grapes. We must be in Bakersfield.

California Rest Stop on I-5. The leaves are still on most of the trees, but it's a lot colder than normal here. The Green Lizard got 34 mpg, even with a headwind and 70+ mph.

Pauline sitting out in the sun of Santa Rosa.

Mother and son Richard, Pat's brother, who, with his wife Alice have taken his mother into their home.

Pat and her mother. Both chowing down pretty well :-)

Tuesday the Christmas cactus popped all the way open. This is just so pretty.............

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tall Cotton & Beans

The Tamarack Fine Food store meat counter. Its a nice clean store with a lot of specialty items. 13 miles from the house, near the College in Yuma.

They make beans every day. 16 different flavors, but they usually have 12 available by early afternoon. They sell cups, pints, and quarts to go. Also cornbread and coleslaw. I had some kind of sausage and Redd had the Carne Asada. Both excellent! I'll be bringing home a quart after we get back from California next week.

Riding in Tall Cotton! This was the last day for a nice warm ride before we have to leave Yuma. We're going to Santa Rosa, California for Thanksgiving, and to celebrate Pat's mother's 100th Birthday on Saturday.

Those cotton bolls aren't rotten! They are about ready for harvest.

Pat's mother gave us this Christmas Cactus several years ago. It never bloomed until we brought it to Arizona. It has about 50 blossoms on it right now, these were the first to open. They have delicate pink centers.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Picture ride

The Cloud Museum. The T-Dub pulls a cute little buggy. Went out with Scott, Tom, and Redd today. I need a picture to send to the TW200 discussion forum, so needed some to pick from.

Sherm at Laguna Dam.

Scott, Tom, and Redd. Redd took all the pictures of me today.

Redd by an old Army chopper.

The Old War Horse. Bullet holes and all. This old boy saw action in Germany during WW2.

Two Shermans. The Old War Horse, and the even older bike rider.

Interesting! And, I'm 4 years older than the tank :-)

Scott, Tom, and Redd. We were worried that the Military Police may stop us for removing Army property. Tom's Harley is painted the same color as these old tanks! About the same size too. :-)

New cabbage. Lettuce is being grown and harvested already. As well as other vegetables, and the cotton fields look like they are about ready to harvest.

Rest break at a produce vendor

Lots of good stuff. This vendor sell Tamales, but this is only the second day they have been opened for the season, and and won't have and fresh Tamales until next week

Sherm and Bull along side Michelle and Redd's place

At the bottom of Laguna Dam on the Colorado River.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day Ride

We rode out to the Peanut Patch this morning. Ate a piece of Pumpkin Pie Fudge under this huge Eucalyptus tree.

The Peanut Patch is full of plants, candy, nuts, produce and packaged goodies. As well as tourist related items.

Some of the cactus that's for sale

They make many flavors of fudge inside. Smells wonderful!

It IS a sweet shop!

A nice clean store.

Racks of cook books and books about the Desert South West, and Arizona, and Yuma history.

A handful of peanuts goes well with pumpkin pie fudge

Along the road, I stopped to take this picture of cactus fruit.

California side of the river. This is on top of Indian Hill, the site of the original Fort Yuma

The railroad bridge, and the Ocean to Ocean bridge. Yuma Prison in the background

Not sure what this old building was used for

The Quechan Indians own this place now. Right here was the parade ground for the old Fort.
This is now a museum, as well as other tribal business buildings.

Redd grew up in Yuma, so he knows a lot of the history

Before I-8, his road, US 80 was the main East West route. This building was the California inspection right on the border. It's been empty since the early 60's.

This is down the hill some, on the West side of the Hill. It's a church.

Redd thinks this was the Parsonage.

The building is older than it looks, there has been a lot of re-plastering done.

AA meetings held here.

The hump in the background is Quartz Peak, in the Picacho State Recreation area. We rode the bikes out to that peak last week.

The area across that road where some trees are, used to be jammed full of tourist and full time trailer people. When the Tribe took over, they moved them all out.

The old Mission, Highest part of the Hill.

Statue in front of the Mission building.

Nice palms on the Hill.

Right here is where the Gila used to join the Colorado. Both Rivers were rushing waters in those days. Now, with several dams and flood control dykes, and irrigation canals, the river is pretty small down this far. The Gila moved it's route and dumps into the Colorado a few miles up river from this spot now. I'm going to ride up there soon to the exact spot.

Looking at Yuma, Arizona, from the Hill in California

You may have to click on this one for detail. I'm standing on the Hill in front of the Mission, in California. The Colorado River is at the bottom of the little canyon in front of me. The buildings on the other side is what's left of the Old Yuma Territorial Prison. The tall round one was a water tank and guard tower.

Another view of the California inspection station on Highway 80. I'm now in Arizona, shooting back to California.

There are 5 or 6 "Park and Sell" lots in the Foothills area of Yuma. this 1990 Harley was a real cream puff, for $4300. Lots of bikes, Quads, Rails, cars and RV's for sale out there.

A vendor lady. Not much English, but very friendly. I bought 2 nice ripe, large, sweet, Persimmons.

Lots of nice produce. Some local, some out of the Imperial Valley just across the Border into California.

We stopped at a very nice nursery, Redd is always looking for exotic plants for his yard. This pretty lawn is fake turf. I'm thinking this would look good in front of our little Park Model.

We put about 50 miles on the T-Dubs today. Beautiful low 80's, and lots to see.

The Ocean to Ocean Bridge, and the "new" Railroad bridge next to it. This is very close to where the Gila River used to join the Colorado. And was very near the site of Yuma Crossing, where the Ferry used to go between Arizona and California. With the completion of this bridge in 1924, it was the first time you could drive a car coast to coast without having to use a ferry somewhere.

Part of the Mission. This was the site of Fort Yuma, which used to be on the California side of the River

We parked under Interstate 8. This is a new, and very nice, park in Yuma.

The railroad is still very active. Redd's old Apache Hotel used to be the most popular spot for the Engineers that had to overnight there. The tracks still go right behind the hotel.

This Brave is our Minnie's Grand Father.

Yesterday I couldn't even spell Enginear, now I are one!

This engine has over 2.5 Million miles on her. I'm right at the site of the end of the first rail road bridge across the Colorado, looking right down Madison Street in Yuma. The tracks were relocated a few blocks East and a new bridge was put in next to the Ocean to Ocean bridge, changing the downtown of Yuma completely.

Two little T-Dubs. 80 mpg, and a beautiful day of riding and sight-seeing.