Monday, April 11, 2011

Last 10 days

 Redd in one of the little shopping malls.  We're on a mission to find a special Sugar Bowl.

 It's a slow Sunday morning.  Most of the Snowbirds have flown home.  The season is winding down in this Border town.

 Inside the Cantina.  Buy a hat? or jewelry? a new purse or wallet?  How 'bout a belt?  You can even get breakfast if you want.

 There's Redd with a full tummy.  We rode the dirt bikes over today for breakfast.

 My good friend Jose.  He's holding up a half cooked chicken.

 Hard time finding a small enough bowl with lid.  Most were larger, or different shapes.  After an hour of looking in many stores, this is about the closest we came to finding what was needed. This little Indian lady needed the business anyway.

 Free samples in most of the Liquor stores.  Usually scantily clad ladies are pouring.  It's too early for them to be out today.

In the small city, there are over 300 Dentists.  2nd big business is Pharmacys, and 3rd would be Liquor.  From there on down it's clothes, trinkets, jewelry, Eyeclasses, and just about anything your can think of. 

As the temp nears 100, Pat is working on her tan.  Only the legs, it's blistering hot in the direct sun.

Scott, Pat, Bull and Redd.  Watching a very exciting end of the NASCAR Nationwide race today.  What a finish!

Made it to 100.  In the shade, with a nice breeze.  In the direct sun, it's VERY hot.   So, we'll go out to eat.
 View from our booth in Famous Dave's BBQ

 A feast for 2!

Corn muffins, Corn on the cob, Creamy Coleslaw, House special BBQ beans, Half rack Ribs, Soft pulled pork, Tender BBQ half chicken, and tons of fresh cut Fries.  It was a pretty good snack.

Redd has been busy working around the old Hotel.  He's also had several doctor appointments, he's getting healthy!

My good friend Bull.  I'll miss seeing him this summer.

Redd just picked up his first pair of diabetic shoes.  They look nice.

A new light fixture going into an old Square.  Algodones, Mexico

Construction pickup hauling material to make cement.  

Looks like it may have ran the Baja 500 then retired to hauling gravel.

A block from the busiest part of Algodones is the US/Mexico Border fence.

Found this ugly lizard on the bike this morning.  So we ate him.

Looks like a Trumpet Vine, but is probably a desert flower

A Black Lab from British Columbia takes a swim in the Colorado river

A colorful house and car in our neighborhood

Beautiful tree and Sky

A fat Quail.  We saw Doves, Pigeons, and Mocking Birds in the Park

What a sky!

Don't know where the electricity goes from this Solar Farm.  It's in the Park

A western explorer with his pet Dove.

 A Western Explorer consulting his GPS

Longest Military March in history.  Council Bluff, Iowa to San Diego.  5 months.  Women and children came along.  No shots were fired in defense.  This was in 1840something.  Pretty tough duty.

Jim focusing on something exciting.

Desert Flowers

One large Yucca flower!

The Castle in the playground

A large Palo Verde tree in the park

Statue in the Park

The Park Entry Circle

A boat launching ramp into the River.  This is our XT 250 Dual Sport.

Park trees and bushes

Pretty flowers in the desert

All the plants and trees are native to the area, so there isn't a huge variety.

The bike with a sports field across the path

Bike, Statue, Tree...wheeeee!

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