Thursday, April 7, 2011

Didsbury Dave visits Yuma (again)

KT was a little distracted this morning.  She put her helmet on backwards by mistake :-)

The "Mexican" bike.  This is our favorite Cantina.

Didsbury Dave and Wrong Turn park their "big" bikes on the other side of the street.

Dave after a bite of hot Salsa.  He had the Huevos Rancheros.

Jim getting it documented.

Lot of food here.  It cost us $6 each, with all the tortillas (hot off the grill, corn and flour)  and coffee we wanted.

Jose, the owner of the Cantina.  He always says, "if you don't like the food, you don't have to pay".  We've always paid. :-)

Coupla Arizona Cowpersons.  And one Canadian Tourist.

We enjoy Dave's visits.  He always brings cool damp weather.  Very strange for April, but we got in a few rides anyway.

Katie can't decide if she's a Cowboy or an Indian! :-)

 Katie's school, Taco Tec, has a new face lift

Dave, Pita, Julie, and Pat.  Visiting at Jim & Katie's.

We visited Sun Gardens for a Date Shake.  These were some very old beans.

The trunk of an Indian Laurel.  These are very large trees.  It was sprinkling a little rain, but was totally dry under the thick branches.

One of several Date Palm Groves near Yuma.

Stopping to smell the Roses.

On the way home, we stopped to visit with Redd for a few minutes.  He always has nice plants and flowers growing.  These are Zenias.

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