Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Last few days in Yuma

Pat called from 10 miles out of town just before noon, and we arranged to meet there for lunch today.  She's been gone for 6 days, helping with her mother up in Santa Rosa, CA.

Old Town, Yuma.  This building was built in 1899.  It's called the "Honeymoon House".  A ferryboat Captain had it built for his daughter that was getting married.  The walls are 16" thick Adobe.

Pat's welcome home flowers.  Took this before she got home.  It didn't take her long to rearrange them so they looked better :-)
Jim (WT) with his little apron.  They are renovating the security area of their home in Yuma.

KT is pretty handy with a drill!   They had all the old stuff off in no time!  Blessed with a cool day of only 90 degrees, sure makes a difference when it's been over a hundred for a couple of days!  Good thing they have these aprons, now Katie can do some baking without getting flour all over her shorts!
Jim (Wrong Turn) had the German Chocolate Pie.  He couldn't eat it all.  Katie and I both had the Peanut Butter Chocolate.  Katie left one bite, I finished mine.

Amber, our favorite waitress!  She's getting ready to dish up the pies!

Katie and Sunset over the Lynda Vista.  The park is getting empty, the Snowbirds are flying home! 
Jim & Katie are brown as Indians, but I'm still my Oregon White. 
Top 'o the Hill.  La Parrilla Cafe

Huevos y papas, corn tortillas, tomato, avacado, cucumbers and limes.  With chips and salsas.  And, a nice cup of coffee.  Those fries were hand cut and cooked after ordering.
 April 5, 2011

Mario.  Handyman, Gardener, Electrician, Plumber, etc.  He does it all at the Lynda Vista RV Park.
Katie is ordering new glasses.  For what she needs, it will take about 4 hours.  We decided to get them on the way before we have breakfast.

The set-ups prior to getting our food.  We're outside in our favorite place for early morning breakfast in Algodones, Baja California, Mexico!

                                       Katie's plate.  She and Jim both had pork Burritos for breakfast.

My Ham & Eggs came with fresh cut and cooked fries  There was also a platter of cucumbers, radishes, cabbage, limes, and Pico de gallo.  And the 2 different salsas and some queso (cheese sauce).
Jim tried on several hats.  This is the one he decided on.  I think it's going to be his "Wedding Bonnet"
Hundreds of T-shirts for sale in Mexico.  Most of them I couldn't post in a "family" blog. I did take a couple pictures of them today.

Liked the colors in this Kokopelli shirt/

This is the dressing room.  A street vendor in Algodones.  Katie is getting fitted for a new shirt.

Lookin' good!

The lady was a good sales person.

Practically Free!  For you, today!

Maybe a skirt too?  Does this make my butt look too big?  Jim is checking it out.

Off comes the skirt, decided they could do without this one.

Happy customers and happy vendors!  Can't beat a deal like that!

These Dancers made a lot of noise with their drums and rattles. They were really good, but sure had on weird masks!

One of the hundreds of Jewelry vendors.  The streets are full of them.  Prices are reasonable, but some of the quality isn't too good.

Adventure touring!  This bike was ridden from Montana, mostly all on dirt roads where possible.  Looks rough, but mehanically it's in good shape.  He's headed much farther South!

This man owns a kitchen gadget store, also sells health food.  He's a diabetic himself, so caters to those looking for a good diet.  He also owns the parking lot where I usually park the car or bike when I'm down here.  Nice guy.

Mango, Papaya, Watermelon, and Jimaca. Covered with Mexican red sauce and some very good spices with chili.  This was the owners of the shop, but I ended up eating one too. :-)

The parking lot attendant.  He's a good watchman, and makes sure no one bothers your vehicle.

Redd planted this cactus just a few months ago.  It's having a lot of babies!

Palo Verde is the Arizona State tree.  They bloom like this in the Spring.  Lots of blossoms everywhere!

This glass came from the Monarch Restaurant.  A large business in Old Town Yuma.  It closed several years ago, the building is still empty.  Redd had several of the glasses.  Perfect for Diet Rock Star on ice.

My only aqusition in Mexico today was a Rock Star ball cap.  So, it was only right to pick up a couple of the drinks and visit Redd this afternoon.

This cactus used to be on our porch.  Pat didn't like it, so Redd took it to his place to plant.  It's doing well, and looks good at the old Hotel.

Redd doesn't believe in this "Flower god", but the little guy is doing a fine job of keeping things growing in his back yard.

A lot less antiques after several yard sales, but there is still a lot on interesting things in the yard

Redd and Michelle both make the flowers grow!

A potted plant in front of a nice painting.

An unusual "orange" Bougainvilla

Four engines pull this train out of Yuma.  It's going by the old Territorial Prison here, headed across the Colorado River Ocean to Ocean Bridge, and on it's way to Southern California.  Which is where it will be in a few more seconds after I took this picture.  It was moving fast.  Thats Indian Hill on the other side of the River.

Paradise Casino.  The oldest and Smallest of the 3 Casinos near Yuma.

Jim does a first polish on his new boots.  This is their "lawn" by the house.  The rocker is the "napping chair"
 Our good friend Katie came to Yuma to finish her degree.  This school ranks right up there with the Ivy League Universities back East.  The only difference is it's too hot to grow Ivy.  It's great going to school at Taco-Tec!
(actually this building is in the process of renovation right now, and will be a Sports Bar and Grill before the next Winter Season.)
It's only March 31st, and it's 99 degrees at 1:30 PM.  Will go over a hundred later today, and tomorrow it's suppose to be warmer! (this is in the shade on our porch)

Read Shepard of  the Hills when I was a teen-ager.   Just now read "The Winning of Barbara Worth"
An EXCELLENT display here of H. B. Wright, his life and works.

Picture of Harold Bell Wright, and the Cherry wood chair he used to sit in to write.

This is the original hand written manuscript of "The Winning of Barbara Worth"

I think if you click on the picture you may be able to read the description.  Our friend Redd  watched it burn when he was around 12 years old.  He was on the sidewalk with his mother watching it.  A very bad day for the Imperial Valley. 

Some beautiful old pianos in the Museum

In the 40's and 50's there were many feed lots in the Valley.  Now, there are still some very large ones, but the agriculture fields have taken over most of the thousands of acres if irrigated land.

One of a very few sections of the "plank road" that is left intact.   The sections were 12 feet long, and were moved as the sand shifted on the road from Yuma to El Centro.

A picture of "The Plank Road"

One of the many displays in the 2 story Museum of Imperial Valley.  It's a very large group of buildings that house the displays.

Some of the old Cowboy items.  Every room here is full of a lot of treasures!

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