Wednesday, January 26, 2011

John and Tracy visit, etc.

On the way to Santa Rosa, we made a quick gas stop in Pear blossom, California. This is inside a Chevron Gas Station. Pay Toilets! What is This world coming to???!!!
The 2000 TW200 (T-Dub) is all adjusted and detailed and ready to sell! It's a perfect bike, but I don't need it.

El Zarape. My favorite Mexican restaurant on this side of the border. Tracy and John from Phoenix rode it, Jim and Katie came too.

John (aka Pug, Snickers & Slick) and Jim (Wrong Turn) are checking out.

A painting inside the restaurant. The place is clean and bright.

Pat saying good-bys. She has things to do at home so won't ride with us today.

Redd and Tracy (American Honey) face off on Gila Street. Gunfight at high noon!

Tracy won the battle, she's getting ready to go to prison.

The grounds at Yuma Territorial Prison. This is exactly were the Gila and Colorado use to join, and the site of Yuma Crossing. The white building in the background is in California, and the site of old Fort Yuma.

This is the actual chair and mirror that the prisoners had their pictures taken when they were admitted. The mirror give them a profile, and saves film for 2 pictures. This guy is trying to look BAD. Nice try, Slick. :-)

Innocent? Maybe not!

Since the City Historical Society took over the Prison last year, they have made many changes. Some nice, some were better the old way when the State Parks ran it.

This is an actual photograph of the prison back in the early 1900's. Taken from the California side of the River. You can see where the Gila flows into the Colorado just North East of the Prison.

Katie is in jail for taking too many pictures! It was nice they let her keep her camera. She got out early on good behavior for being the Prison photographer.

The 3:10 Leaving Yuma. This was taken from the Prison Wall.

When Audie Murphy made a movie inside the prison (one of many movies made here), they lowered a few of the doors so when he used them he wouldn't look so short (true story)

John tries to "sneer", but doesn't do too well :-)

Tracy didn't like being in the Dark Cell, but didn't mind this one too bad. These were homes for the homeless during the depression, and even later. The prison was also use at the Yuma High School for 4 or 5 years. The school is still called "The Criminals" or just "Crims"

It probably got pretty warm inside these small cells when the temps were above 120 degrees!

Wiliedog! Didn't know you worked here!

Windy day. The Ocean to Ocean bridge was completed in 1915, linking the Atlantic to the Pacific by highway. That's California on the other end of the Bridge, we're standing in Arizona. The Colorado River flows under it.

Date Grove at Sun Gardens, in Bard, CA.

Jim and Kate try some samples. Tracy is "carb free", so she passes on the dates as well as the Date shakes we had.
Two "delicate flowers"

Isn't that sweeeeeet! :-)

A ride in the desert.
Yeah, right. We have a picture of John riding this on last March when he was here for the Lettuce ride. He didn't have the energy to jump up on it today.

Kawasaki parking only! Jim at the window at Stone Cabin order up some burgers.
12" burgers that weigh 5 pounds when served. Almost 3 pounds of meat, 18 slices of 3 kinds of cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, black olives, and all the other condiments you can think of. They sell for $15 and makes a good meal for 4 people.
Do I see 5 buns here?

Randy, the burgerman and owner of the gift shop and cafe here, has been coming down from Everett, Washington for 6 years now during the Winter. There is nothing here during the summer.
Jim won the drawing for a free ticket!


Katie models a Pink Boa. Pink IS her color! (yeah, right:-) The "sit down" place to eat here.

There were about 10 bikes here when we rode up. I think it was a chapter for the CMA. They were just leaving. We had our burgers, then John and Tracy saddled up and headed up to Quartzsite and on home to Phoenix.
John had a plain Cheese burger, without everything....
This was my Southwest burger. Grilled onions, Pepperjack cheese, jalapenos, 1/3 pound meat, mayo and salsa. It's a very tasty treat! Tracy had a Buffalo burger, but I didn't get a picture. Jim & Katie got their's to go, and I took one home to Pat.

We were all vroc riders, but Jim was the only one wearing a patch.
We got home around 6 PM. Katie discovered two of her new flowers in bloom!
Another pretty flower at the Ayers house. We had a GREAT day!

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