Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mittry Lake ride Jan 15th

Redd is just starting to lay out things for his weekly yard sale tomorrow. He did good last week.

5 PM, already had cooled off some. Wasn't home, but think it probably hit 90 for the first time this year today. It's absolutely lovely!

Katie took this from over her shoulder last sunday when we were on the way to the dirt road that led up to Castle Dome City. Looks like "Speed Racer" :-)

16 January 2011. Spring has come to Yuma! This is in the shade on our porch.

Looks like I may have another T-dub. I need one so I can keep entering the photo contests on their forum :-)

These 1st 7 pictures came from Jim's camera. Here, we're deciding if we should go down to the lake for a pic for the T-dub forum. I went down first, and offered to ride Jim's bike. He thought about it, then decided to go for it himself! He did good.

Pretty soft mud, and very steep getting back out. Had to have one wheel in the water.

He's on the way up!

Another place near the lake. I was going to try this, but there was a drop off. Was in the water clear over the license plate, with the engine bottom in the mud. Front wheel just off the ground. With Jim pulling, and the help of a guy that stopped in a pickup truck, and my rear wheel throwing mud and water, we got 'er out. :-)

Oasis in the desert.

I'm on the way up. You can't tell how steep it is. Should have had Katie fix the exposure on these last two!

Got into the water, then it was throw some mud to power up the hill.

Harvesting Romain here. We passed about a dozen or more harvesting rigs so far today, different kinds of lettuce.

The shoot takes it off the conveyor belt, it's placed right in boxes for shipping.

There are hundreds of these harvest rigs in Yuma County. Right after I took this picture, and Mexican that spoke very limited English came over and told me not to take pictures. Always in the past, it seems to have been welcomed, with posing and smiles. Don't know why this rig was different, but do have an opinion :-)

This one is going out to be set up. As we went by, the tractor pulling it was jack knived in the entry way. By the time we got by it and had the camera out, he had made it this far. it's so long the front wheels are of the ground while the rear end is still up on the highway.

Jungle Jim.

Taking a little spin in Mittry Lake! This was at the bottom of a pretty steep and soft muddy bank.

After getting out of the first mud. :-)

Hard to get closer to the lake, but we saw a flock of big Coots in here.

Not sure what this waterway is, but it's pretty up here.

Looking West from the top of a little hill, Mittry Lake is back water from Laguna Dam. Border between Arizona and California.

The little XT did fine today.

Jim's T-dub. Love that fat wheel.

Burn calories, and if you overdose, you can trigger the SPOT for some help.

This is an ancient Indian means..............

Jump here!

Big bad biker..........

Or....Just an "Old Hippy" :-)

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