Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mid January!

Lynda Vista Motorcycle gang :-) Redd and Jim's TW's, Sherm's TW, XT, and Burgman. We spend a couple days detailing bikes so we can take them out and get them dirty again. Well, maybe "wrong turn" didn't detail his. He belongs to the Skid school of detailing. But, his Vulcan is spotless.

Miss KT, on our porch. She's ready to jump on the Kaw with Wrong Turn.

Friday, 21 January. They are heading out enroute Tucson, going the "The Theater". (Big, Bad, Bikers)

Paradise gets better every day!

This is I-8, over the Colorado river. Late at night a day or two after Christmas 2010. Picture taken by Katie Acree. She's using it for one of her College Class photos. Seems to be an EXCELLENT picture! I took some the same time, same place...and wouldn't post them here :-)

Jim (Wrong Turn) is taking a picture for our photo class.

This was a wide angle shot I took. Exciting, huh,...........

We went to Logan's Road House for dinner, it was very good!

Frank and Nina Johnson. Visitors from East Texas (that's in the USA)

Nina, Frank, Pat and I. This is a fun place.

Frank & Nina Johnson. Friends we used to work for. They are visiting us from East Texas. Here, we're in Mexico. We bought prescription medicine, and ate fish tacos and fresh Tamales.

Hot today. We're waiting in line to get out of Mexico. It took 2.5 hours to get through the US Border Patrol inspection station at the Port of Entry.

Bling! There are a few vendors working the exit line.

You could probably get this nice travel trailer pretty cheap. It would look good in some of the "upscale" parks in Yuma!

Step right up! We'll make you a new you! :-)

Nice lawn and garden items.

Hang them birds out to dry!

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