Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year! 2011

First course, just to take the edge off!

Jan 2. Starting off the day with a little buffet.

Yesterday on our ride, Katie started having very bad stomach pains. Dave and Romy were in their truck, we got her loaded into the back seat, and took her home. She got worse, to the point of almost passing out, so Jim took her to the hospital. A severely inflamed pancreas was the diagnosis. No food or water through the mouth for 4 days! But, she's feeling better this morning.

We left Jim with Katie in the hospital. He had spent the entire night by her side in a chair. At one point, her blood pressure was down around 50 over 30, and bells went off. They took her off the morphine, and the pressure started coming back up. Here, we're in the AZ Swap meet. DD and Pebbles bought this carpet for their new farm house.

Yes, it is!

Dave with his helper Malachi, carrying out the carpet.

Open tailgate, insert carpet.

Lunch at David's Market near our park

In honor of Katie, Dave is shooting up his pepper. Katie can't eat, but would love some coffee. If we smuggled some in, we'd have to put in in her "drip" tube.

A light lunch before our afternoon ride.

Mal is polishing off his tacos with all the trimmings

Katie insisted that Jim go on the ride, since she's feeling better. On the way out, we stopped for a short visit with Redd.

Pat and I spend a lot of Friday evenings here at the Bard Community Center. We don't "sing along", but we listen well :-)

Cactus with Date Palm in the background

All red bikes today! We stopped here at the Imperial Date farm for a date shake, and to check out the goodies inside the shop.

Yvette's front fender on her drifter. There were some Harley riders in here too. One questioned her about the model of Indian she was riding. She and Mal both explained it was a Kawasaki, but it never did sink in....oh well, let them think it's an Indian with a shaft drive :-)

Didn't see any live Roadrunners today, so this one will have to do

Kokopelli gets around

LOTS of hot sauce!

Joe gets a lot of attention with his helmet

First picture of the year of the Sherman Tank

US Army Proving grounds of Yuma. We're proving we can ride in cold weather.

Dave is from New Zealand originally. He spotted this plate when we were leaving the hospital this evening after visiting Katie. Here's to Ewe, all our NZ friends!

Desserts in the Desert. Even though Pat had to leave, Katie is in the hospital, and Jim is with her, we still had a good day. Romy worked hard preparing food and cleaning up. Don't know what we'd have done without her! Thanks Pebbles!

Neighbors Dale and Ev joined us for some dessert. We could have had more company, there was a lot left overs!

The bikes in Yuma. Dave and Romy were following us in their pickup. Plans were to visit the large Arizona Swap Meet on 4E, then head down to San Luis, Mexico, to eat. Beautiful day, but cooler than normal. This is where we pulled over because Katie was having severe stomach pains. Thanks goodness DD had his King Ranch truck. She fit nicely in the back seat...) This happened on Jan 1st. It's now Jan 3rd and she's doing much better. Still in the hospital, but not in as much pain.

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