Saturday, February 12, 2011

Park Party and Dirt Ride

Jerry and Marlene put on a "Sing" and a potluck Friday afternoon. 6 or 7 singers, and several instruments. It was a lot of fun.

It was a warm February day,

Jim & Katie checking out some pictures. There were snacks early, then a huge dinner at 6 PM

The neighborhood was invited, and they had a good turnout.

We have a very friendly park.

Vicki, in the cowboy hat, and her husband Pete, just bought the park model right across from us. They have a Harley that they'll bring down next season.

Katie and Jim, from above.

Jimmy took a few turns at the Mic. He's very good.

For those that are left, the fire went until around 10 PM

Saturday morning Feb 12th. We've just been through some soft sand. Jim is explaining what his wheels were doing :-)

55 miles of dirt, rocks, sand, hills and canyon bottoms. Then 27 miles of pavement to get home.

Scenery was nice.

I carry a GPS and a SPOT. I still don't know how to use this handheld GPS, but it looks cool.

Jim climbed up this hill. At the end of the ride, he wouldn't have tried this.

He convinced me it was beautiful from up there, so I had to go up and see. It was OK...

Looks like "badlands" Remember, you can see any of the pictures better by clicking on them.

Looking to the other side

Big dry Valley

From the top of the hill

I think this may have been part of an old mine, but don't know.

Good place for a flash flood. They happen every season around here

This cliff made my tummy funny. That outcropping has nothing under it, and doesn't look real secure. Goes straight down to the bottom of the canyon. This was as close as I wanted to get out on it.

We were walking along the edge of a cliff

Wild Burro tracks. We saw a lot of them today, and a lot of Donkey Apples in the last part of the area we were in.

There must be an underground spring some where. Actually, we're not that far from the Colorado River. This ground was damp.

Soft, deep sand and gravel. Pretty tough to ride in this stuff.

A California Bear Den.

Green stuff

Our 1st goal. Picacho State Recreation Area. This is in California, on the Banks of the Colorado. No facilities out here.

We had to pay $4 each to ride into the area (senior price) No one was there to check or question us, but we did our duty to California, they need the money.

Tayler Lake, part of the Colorado River. We're headed for Indian Pass, and a few other land marks. We had 27 more miles of total wilderness to get from the Picacho area back out to Ogilby Road on the East side of the Rec Area.

Jim is getting used to the dirt.

The trail is getting pretty rough. This next little down hill trail was pretty exciting. :-)

We stopped a few times, but when it got real rough, we kept going. Getting out was more important than pictures. :-)

Don't know the significance of this pile of rocks with the Flag. It's a long way from anything.

This is the last time we'll see the River today.

From here on, we battles deep sand and small gravel and washed out trails on the grades.

A picture of Jim in my rear view mirror.

A rest stop. The deep sand washes are very good exercise!

We stopped to look at some very green stuff. It was very dry, don't know why it was so green.

I got through the 7 mile wash ahead of Jim, climbed up the side of the pass and stopped just down from the summit.

Thought the rest of the ride out was going to be easier, but was wrong.

Nice Ocotillo. This will be blooming soon.

I had a few minutes to rest up. Sure was glad when, a little later, I heard the T-Dub heading up the hill.

Here he comes! Jim is already passed the hardest part of the up hill ride, the rest is easy.

I was standing along the road to get these pictures

He's very happy to be at the top!

This is a different place. Top of the last hill we had to go over.

Ogilby Road! Pavement all the way home from here. Jim is kissing the hard surface :-)

The Titanium Man did very good on his first difficult ride off road. We still have about 27 miles left to get back to the Lynda Vista. It will be 12 miles old highway, 12 miles Interstate 8, and 3 miles city streets. This has been an outstanding Day! Little over 80 miles on the small bikes.

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