Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day at School

This is as close as we'll come to having a Bikini Bike wash in the Lynda vista! Katie and Jim are going after the Classic. I'd forgot what color it was! Cleaned up pretty good :-)

This is an old hat of Redd's. A real eagle feather. Bull is my buddy, I have to come visit him often. He's lonely since his girl friend was hit by a car a couple weeks ago. It was a sad day.

Jim & Katie with Zig Jackson. We went to his lecture and a power point presentation of some of his work. The most "decorated" Native American Photographer. He holds a Masters in advanced photography, and also does pottery sculpting and other art forms. A VERY interesting man. We were fortunate to be able to talk to him, and later looked at his display in the College.

Ocotillo are coming out nicely here in the desert. There was a red throated hummingbird having lunch here, but I wasnt' fast enough to get a picture. I think Jim got a good one.

Kicking back at Arizona Western College Starbucks. Katie seemed to know her way around in Starbucks, I think she's been there before :-) Since she treated us with a nice Latte, I'll refrain from teasing her for awhile. She's taking several courses here this semester.

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