Saturday, February 19, 2011


We drove to La Mesa, CA, today. It's near San Diego. My oldest daughter, Debra Sue, lives there. Robinette, my grandaughter, came out from Virginia to visit. They contacted us, so we went over and had a "25 year reunion". Lots to catch up on. We had a nice visit.

I had to take a ride on DD's Gold Wing. Short ride, but it felt good!

An hour after Dave and Romy left, Steven and kelly rode in.

And a cute chick she is!

They were hungry, Kelly was starved. But, we had to wait for the end of the nascar race before heading down here for some chow. That Big Rogue is a fine looking machine.

Mighty fine pie at the Greeks. This one's for Chunk.

Since Pat and I had eaten a huge meal at the Golden Coral just a few hours earlier, we weren't hungry. Pat had water, and I forced down a piece of pie. Steven and Kelly had a good meal. We really appreciated both sets of company this weekend! Good times.

It's only 62 degrees as Dave and Romy get suited up for the ride back to Phoenix. We just got back from stuffing ourselves at the Golden Coral. Tried 3 other places first, lines a mile long. Sunday in Snowbirdville is a difficult time to get a seat to eat.

Dave will be in the Pilot seat in a few minutes.

Pat, Kate and Jim sending them off.

Pebbles doing her "queen" wave. Just as they pulled out, there was a small earthquake. People started coming out to see if they were the only ones that felt it. We were probably the only ones that didn't feel it. Only lasted a few seconds, no damage.

Katie is admiring Jerry, their directly across the street neighbor's, coat. He's just returning from a Jam. Jerry takes care of the music program in our park.

Astride DD's Wing. That's my ex-neighbor Redd's TW next to me. I met him at this Circle K, told him I'd traded the Burgman scooter for the Wing. It was pretty funny, I told him I got it from an old man that couldn't hold it up any more and wanted the scooter. He bought the story, until I had to "fess up" and tell him the truth. It sure felt nice to be on the wing, even if it was only a 5 miles ride.

DD & Romy (from Calgary, AB) spent the night. They were planning a ride to Palm Springs today, and over night in Parker, then back to Phoenix before jumping a plane to head home. Dave work up to the first rain we've had here since October!

A very unusual sight in the Lynda Vista RV here in Yuma. Street cleaning time. Now I'll have to buy some Round Up, the weeds will start to come up. But, the cactus need this for some nice flowers next month.

Jim (Wrong Turn) just had to go splash in the water!

Katie isn't real big on wearing shoes in any kind of weather. She had to get out this morning and play in the puddles!

A happy child! :-)

Pat and Romy. Waiting out a shower, as Dave decides what they should do to get the Palm Springs. It wasn't long before we were on the way to pick up a rental car for them. The Wing is still sitting right here where you see it 2/19/11.

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