Tuesday, February 8, 2011

San Loowees Ride (Dirt)

Jim & Katie heading out on an ice cream run. Lady in a long dress!

Mexican scene.

Inside Fry's Supermarket. Looks like Valentines Day is coming up soon.

We had our Cappuccino ice cream, and are getting ready mount up. Katie is entertaining :-)

She's holding her diaper up, making a graceful mount on the bike.

Jim and Sherm getting ready to brave the dirt along the Mexican border.

This picture was taken less than 3 miles from our houses.Between where we are standing, the Colorado River runs. On the left, you can see the Mexican flag, on the right, US Stars and Stripes. This is the Border crossing at Andrade/Algodones. The River runs North and South from here down to the Border towns of San Luis and San Luis De Colorado in Mexico.

A baby Date Palm Grove. We learned today from a Border Patrol person, the the border is technically in the center of the River, but..the river has been diverted, and the water flows down this canal looking ditch. The old river bed it mostly dry. This make enforcement difficult, because there is always a question of where the border actually is. For all practical purposes, it's the canal.

Jim taking pictures of an iron fence

LOTS of steel here.Wouldn't stop people, but could stop some vehicles.

I'm in the middle of the Border here, Jim is in Mexico :-) We were stopped 3 times today by Border Patrol. They were aware that we were in the area, and were just checking on us to see what we were doing. They were all pretty nice guys. It would have been easier if Jim didn't look so suspicious :-)

You have to stand just right for the camera to shoot.

Two very good rides for this sort of thing. We had a lot of fun on them today.

Water of the Colorado River. It joins the Sea of Cortez just a few miles to the South of where we are right now.

Sand blows up and sticks to the cement banks. It was windy today.

Tire drags. A Border Patrolman told us that this method has been use for years along the border. It's dragged regularly for miles and miles, then the patrol vehicles can see if there are and new tracks that shouldn't be there.

We're sort of out in the middle on NoWhere.

A real fence along the border near San Luis. It's a few miles long. No guards or gates.

We very close to Mexico. The fence there is the border. That's all Mexico on the other side...duah.....

A 5 star Seafood Restaurant. The lady at the table is the waitress, and maybe the owner. She didn't speak English, but we were able to get food.

Jim had 2 fish tacos, I had one fish and one Shrimp. They were very tasty. Lady brought out her home made salsa, it was hot, but very good.

We thought we heard Brillo as we traveled through the old city of Gadsen. It was just one of his cousins.

The town was established in the late 1800's.

We think this is the store where Gadsen made his purchase from Mexico ;-)

Old buildings

Cactus with fruit on it

The old Post Office

And Store. There was 3 large Peacocks inside the store.

And, here's a REAL Arizona Cowboy! (This one's for you, Roxy). I didn't know Cowboys wore Boscobel T-Shirts.

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