Sunday, February 6, 2011


Mexicans make Pinatas for every occasion. Here's some for Valentines Day!

Jim & Katie having Huevos Rancherous. A chilly morning in Mexico.

Street in Algodones

Party Central. One of 2 sort of famous nightclubs in the little Border Town.

Another street cafe. It's pretty slow out today, not a lot of busniess. It's in the mid 60's this morning, people are freezing. It did warm up later.

This little stand makes the best Shrimp & Fish Tacos in town! There is always a line to get your food.

Large shrimp right out of the grease!

This guy played a flute and other instruments that he makes himself. Katie bought some of his albums, the hit it off real well!

You can buy anything here, or they will paint something for you while you wait. And do a nice job too.

Jim and Kate listened while I had a shoe shine. I'm finally ready to leave, so they say their "goodbys" until next time.

I bet Kokopelli wishes he had one of these!

Liquer and Drugs! The legal kind, of course. The Purple Pharmacy get larger every year, they have several stores in Algodones now. And now, on to a new day.

This is on Highway 98 in California. I goes right along the Mexican Border. We're on the way to Calexico to check out the huge Swap Meet there.

A Vulcan, Wrong Turn, and the "Half-a-Busa"

Jim is good at taking unusual pictures.

We passed a Border Patrol truck pulling some old tires along the road. They do this every day along here, then, every few hours they patrol and look for foot prints or vehicle tracks in the soft sand. Since we're within a few feet of Mexico, tracks would probably indicate someone in the area that maybe shouldn't be there.

There was very little traffic on this road. Nice day, perfect temperature. It's Super Bowl Sunday, but who would want to be inside watching TV when they can be out in the desert on a bike??

Not a lot of curves, and not much traffic to worry about. Mexico on one side, the USA on the other. (that's if you consider California a part of the USA:-)

This field is in an area where the Border line drops a little bit South, maybe a quarter mile to the South of the Highway. Some of these "woolies" are Mexicans that dress in Sheep's clothing, and try to stay ahead of the Coyotes.

After taking this picture, we got into some traffic, rode through the small city of around 37,000, the down town area is still just like it was in the "Old" Days. Lot of large old stores that are still in business. We stopped near the Border Crossing and Jim asked directions from some kind of law enforcement guy on a bicycle. We found the Swap Meet, but it was HUGE, dusty, limited parking, and jammed with people. We decided visit it again, not on a Sunday, so went in to El Centro for a hot fudge sundae, then headed back to Yuma. A good ride, approximately 140 miles round trip.

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