Sunday, March 27, 2011

Castle Dome City

 Skid had electronic monitors on each valve stem on the RV and Trailer.  Just to be sure, he's going around with a digital air gage to check the other system, then adjusting with a small compressor.  He also measures tread depth in several selected places on each tire and records it all.

 Moving to the rear wheels, he have to use jumper cables to power the little compressor

 Tires checked, tanks emptied, bike tied down, a good "walk around" and they are ready to Fly!

It's been really fun having these two good friends visit.  Now it's back to the normal old grind here in Paradise.  Suppose to be in the high 90's by the weekend.

Sandy the Bank Teller in Castle dome City

Skid checking out one of the several Bars in Castle Dome City

As usual, Skid finds someone to talk to.  This is one of the employees here in the bar.

Skid is holding Aces and 8's

Waiting for the 3:10 to Yuma

Another Bar.  This one looks more like a VROC hangout.

This Cantina is a little more High Class

Sandy found the Cookhouse.  Interesting comments on the plates concerning the perple that sat there 

One of the daily menus

A very will used butcher board side table

Gas Station moved up from Stone Cabin.  This was in use in the early 50's down on Hwy 95.  Lots of interesting items inside the store and cafe that were brought up from Stone Cabin.

Take off some of this long hair!  This was the mine Barber shop in the last days of production .

A nice Saguaro Cactus at the City.

Sandy and Adam inside his cabin.

Adam had something in common with my Dad.  They both smoked Prince Albert in the can.

This old player piano with the rolls could very likely have been serviced by Pat's Dad.  He owned a music store in Yuma in the early 1930's, probably the closest place to Castle Dome City that would have been able to work on it.

Inside the gift shop.  The paintings and post cards were done by our friend, Marge Cates.

Castle Dome in the background.  This Ocotillo  is in full bloom

Skid and Sandy's last day in the Sonoran Desert

The Green Lizard, at home in the desert.  Skid says it's Pond Scum Green

Inside the gift shop at Stone Cabin

We stopped to visit with Randy at Stone Cabin.  He's be closing down for the season on 4 more days.

Randy makes a generous hamburger.  Buffalo meat is optional.

Sandy had the smallest hamburger on the menu.  Still pretty good sized.  He even offers a 5 pound burger, with all the trimmings, it will feed 4 people.  Actually it will stuff them!  And costs $15.

I had the Southwest, with Jalapenos, cheese, grilled onions, and  SW sauce.  Went good with the onion rings.  It was drippin' wonderful.
After eating, we went South through the Yuma Proving Grounds, into California and home through the vegetable fields and Date groves.

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