Friday, March 18, 2011

Slick/Honey Invitational vroc blast

March 20, Sunday morning. The partys over! Getting ready to hit the road.

Slick's Meanie, next to the Half-a-Busa. The covered bike is DD's pretty Gold Wing.

Leaving Gilbert, following Skid and Sandy's RV.

Because of the California rains, Teri Conrad is going to ride to Yuma with us.

Our first fuel stop, Jim and KT are re-installing the bar chaps to keep the wind off.

This will be our next pet!

Skid wanteed to trade his motorhome for this "gas saver". Already equipped with a Gold Wing trailer.

A cute little Chihuahua in Skids Dream RV. Didn't know the owner was in there until I took this picture.

Gila Bend. The closer to Yuma we get, the warmer it is. Jim and KT like the warm weather.

KT, Skid & Sandy in Dateland. This is where the locals go for a weekend date.

The group resting up for the last leg of the ride home.

A secret signal from Wrong Turn.

The nice new Nomad that Teri is riding this weekend, part of her job as the editor of Accelerate Magazine, the publication of Riders of Kawasaki.

Jim & KT's home in Lynda Vista. We have a vroc community this week!

Lynda Vista RV Park. Skid and Sandy are set up right across from us and Jim & Katie.

Visiting inside Skid's motorhome.

Skid is giving Teri the Grand Tour.

A Kawasaki bedroom.

Pat is looking up the weather for Teri. Teri is entertaining Julie.

We had a good dinner at the Mad chef.

Wrong Turn's Melt with fries Slathered with Chalula Hot Sauce.

Tracy's daughter Hannah decorated Slick's birthday cake.

Einstein's new Vaquero. It's a Beauty!

Jim and Katie are getting the low-down on the Vaquero.

The "token Harely" :-) Actually, I think it was the prettiest bike on our ride today!

Tony D's nice 800. This bike has over 93,000 on it.

Hannah rode with Teri Conrad on her new Nomad she was riding today.

Tracy using Hannah's shirt to clean her sun glasses.

This was the planned lunch stop, but they were closed and out of business.

Even though we couldn't eat here, it was a nice rest stop.

We're in Jakes Corner, where this movie was made.

Inside Jakes. We had a good lunch here.

The cook as Jakes. Good chow.

Other customers at Jakes.

Lots of room here for fun stuff.

More Jakes.

The famous Windmill.

The fence.

Used horseshoes.

Tony D. and Less by the Arizona Flag.

" Wrong Turn" fixin' his burger.

A large chunk of chicken breast with lots of goodies for the sandwich. The beans were home made, and loaded with bacon and peppers. Yum!

Jakes Corner Social Club.

I like the: Phone...Unlisted....."We'll Smell the Smoke"

We latched up with Jack and Barb Foree on the road. What a treat! They came down to the Slick/Honey house for the evening. In this picture, Barb is talking to Jim and Katie.

Roosevelt Dam. This is why there is a Roosevelt Lake. Lots of recreational places.

Here's the Dam.

Jack Foree's beautiful 1999 Nomad. Serial number 000007. He did a fine job painting it!

Tony D. and Barb Foree.

The bridge over the Lake. We were all feeling inspired here at Inspiration Point.

Teri Conrad taking pictures of Jack's bike.

Jack did this paint job on Barb's Classic. Wow!

Hannah (Valley Girl) with Teri.

This 12 year old is a real "Biker Chick".

Lanny (Big Lefti) Couldn't make the ride, but he did come over the the party!

Wrong Turn had a long, hard day :-) He was enjoying the fire and the company, then pretty soon he was enjoying the fire all by himself!

VROC Campfire! In the Slick back yard. Some are still inside near the A/C. It's still pretty warm.

A Super Moon! The next one will be Blue! So, all the weird people will be out, including several VROC revelers.

Andrea, Kassy, Liam, and Tracy.

Tracy (American Honey)

Skid & Sandy's mighty Majestic parked in front of the Slick/Honey House.

Skid always wanted to be a Rodeo clown!

Sandy going for a little ride.

Sandy & Skid, Katie and "tail twister" Jim. Hope he doesn't give the bull a "Wrong Turn"

Skid is amazed at Katie's Cowboy boots!

7 bikes in Slick's Garage for the night!

Sandy, John, Hannah (Valley Girl) Tracy and Jim.

Teri Conrad, our "celebrity guest"!

Patio Cafe in Tacna. Excellent Breakfast.

Inside the Patio Cafe..Jumped back to 1955.

We stopped in Gila Bend for gas and to remove a layer or two of clothes It was a cold 70 degrees when we left this morning.

Jim with his "Irresistible Desert Shrimp".

Bridge over the mighty Gila River. It's harder to shoot off the Burgman than it was the Wing with cruise control.

This old bridge has seen better days.

The Gila used to be a major River. It stil lis, and very important, but by this far, it's been tapped for so much irragation, there's not much left.

A temporary repair that became permenant. A little sand blasting would help.

A trashy wash along old highway 80. The land of flash floods.

We latched up with Skid and Sandy at a Walmart, and managed to find our nest for the weekend, Slick and Tracy's home in Gilbert, AZ.

Our friend Jax from Tennessee must have a side busniess out here, catching bugs!

Our destination.

Getting settled into John and Tracy's nice home.

Katie is a little Mountain Girl. Didn't take her long to get her feet in the cement pond.

Nice pool!

The back yard adjoins a nice city park.

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