Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More of March

Little Julie went to the Beauty Shop today. She deserved it after her huge trama. She's still in recovery, but doing better all the time.

On the right top corner, you see this is "Karen's" store. they sell clothing and other stuff. Once you're out of the Snowbird section of Algodones, it's just like Mexico! No US dollars, they deal in Pesos out here. I found a whole world I didn't know about today, and it's only a few blocks away!

You many have to click the picture to see it, but the black iron fence is the US Border. The fence runs for a few miles to the West of Algodones, along the California State line.

Some of the residential suburbs are a little grim, but they are clean for the most part. LOTS of homes like this around the outskirts of the City.

There are some pretty nice places too, but most of them are sort of run down. In years past, these were beautiful homes.

While out riding. I found this nice little Cafe. Very clean, and definately a "locals" place. There are NO Snowbirds out in this area. And, you need Pesos to pay.

Couple of ladies out having lunch. They spoke not one work of English, but let me take their picture, and almost smiled.

I also found the "back road" to San Luis (Sawn Looeees) It's about 25 miles South East of here. I'm going to try this road all the way soon... I also found a good paved road that goes to San Felipe, on the Sea of Cortez. It's about 75 miles. Will do that before heading home this year too.

Looks like this place used to be VERY nice! It looks empty now.

Looking inside the old Bull Ring and sports field. It looks pretty deserted too.

Thhis building is next to the Stadium. There was a sign saying it used to be a restaurant. Maybe where they served parts of the bulls that lost the contest.

The fence outside the stadium.

Inside one of the "square" in Algodones

Lots of Snowbirds here, we're back in the Tourist area again.

The Band stand. This place is pretty wild every evening. (from what I hear)

Only a few weeks until Spring! Can't wait! It's 96 in the shade today.

Picked up these bracelets today in Mexico. Have a friend in Oregon that wanted some, so hope these will be what he wanted! They really are beautiful!

Jim and I had coffee in Mexico today. They had these delicious looking muffins. Jim asked where they were made....the guy working there told him COSTCO. I got a big laugh out of that. They probably haul them in from San Diego every day. The coffee was good.

This is an advertisement as to how wonderful the pastry is in the coffee shop.

Birds, flowers, vines, fountains, and good coffee. And, very warm sun. It doesn't get much better than this.

I made an appointment with a dentist for tomorrow. Had some extra time, so got a Pedicure. Very relaxing! That sure is a WHITE leg! :-) Maybe I need a little sun before going back to Oregon.

I love the colors in Mexico! Rode the little dirt bike in today. I have insurance on it now, so I'll ride in tomorrow too. It's fun putting around down there.

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