Monday, March 14, 2011

Pictures from Katie Acree

Pat is pretty small, and with this helmet, I think she looks like an ant. :-)
These 19 pictures were all taken by Katie Acree. She's going to College to become, among other things, a professional photographer. She's doing REAL well. She's taken a lot of beautiful pictures.

I've only have a couple of shoe shines this season. Usually try to leave home with a good shine before I get across the border.

Pat has joined me a few times this year. She really doesn't enjoy riding much anymore, but she'll still go occasionally. She has approximately 200K miles behind me and on her own bikes, so I guess she earned the right to stay home or take the car.

In the lettuce fields. I think we were headed for a Date Shake in one of the Groves.

A nice Yuma sunset. Jim and Katie both have a good eye for a picture.

One of many dancers at the Pow Wow. Katie took many wonderful pictures of the dancers.

Visiting at Stone Cabin. A good place for a hamburgers and tall tales.

2 Old War Horses. The one with tracks is 3 years newer than the one with legs. This Sherman Tank saw lots of action in Germany during WW2. It has many bullet holes and other damage from enemy fire. The other Sherman just has some minor damage from life's little bumps.

Our friend Bill loaned me his Quad. Lots of fun!

We enjoy riding the big Burgman Scooter.

A fast, comfortable, dependable ride! And, gets good gas mileage.

The VROC vest.

The ride for pie in Julian.

Katie took this over her shoulder as we headed down the hill. We had been up to 4000 feet, it was cool, just under 70 degrees. Warmed up fast as we went down to sea level in Imperial County on the way home.

Pelicans in formation over the Salton Sea.

Katie is a good shot with her Nikon!

A beautiful road.

Taken at late dusk, the sun is already down. Katie took this of me over her shoulder again.

A Seagull on patrol over the Sea of Salt.
Thanks for Katie Acree for these previous 19 pictures

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