Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Pat and Pauline looking at the pictures Angie sent of their Thanksgiving dinner.

Went on a Crane job with Richard this morning. He set 2 Air Conditioners on the top of this building in Rohnert Park. His business has several sizes of cranes and bridge platform machines.

The leaves are still on the trees here. Some still turning.

We had a huge dinner at 2:30. But, being a creature of habit, at 4:45 Pauline said, "When are we having dinner?". So, she's eating it now. I guess when you're 2 days short of being 100, you can eat what you want, when you want! :-) She's always eaten well, and has never been overweight. A hard working lady!

Richard has several citrus trees. Looks like a good crop coming up.

I picked a bag full of Pomegranates. This tree was loaded, and they are ripe to the point of popping open.

Another orange tree.

Ready to eat!

Pauline Wells. Pat's mother will be 100 years old on Saturday. Julie, our 2.9 pound poodle is going on 13. They are both in good shape!

Oil pumpers and Grapes. We must be in Bakersfield.

California Rest Stop on I-5. The leaves are still on most of the trees, but it's a lot colder than normal here. The Green Lizard got 34 mpg, even with a headwind and 70+ mph.

Pauline sitting out in the sun of Santa Rosa.

Mother and son Richard, Pat's brother, who, with his wife Alice have taken his mother into their home.

Pat and her mother. Both chowing down pretty well :-)

Tuesday the Christmas cactus popped all the way open. This is just so pretty.............

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