Friday, November 12, 2010

Kingman and Mexico

Yuma this afternoon. Put the stock mufflers back on our Harley, the aftermarket ones could break windows and set off car alarms! :-) They sounded good to me, but were sort of obnoxious to others. It's now nice and quiet.

Our first stop on the trip to Kingman yesterday was Ooops! Our favorite "used food" store. :-) We went to Yuma to check out the place that our Daughter-in-Law owns there. It's been empty for a long time. It all turned out OK.

11/12/10 Redd and I went to Mexico. Haircuts, Teeth cleaning, eating, and bought pastry and some Tamales to bring home. This was a good breakfast. Not my favorite place though, this one is too nice.

Ed and Carl Anderson. And Pat. We're in the Golden Coral for lunch. Ed and Carl are brothers that are vroc friends who live in Kingman.

Back to Mexico. this is a good place to eat Fish tacos, and, a Wonderful place to eat or take out Tamales.

A new kind of Pink Flamingo this year. I may have to pick up one of these beauties on my next trip down here. A street in Algodones, Mexico.

Back in Yuma. This is a bike I have out at at "Park and Sell" lot. Hope someone buys it soon.

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