Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pauline is 100

Add Image"The Beach" didn't require a lot of work this year. Just had to put out the figures, and rake it a little. This skirting was just put up yesterday. We have new vinyl now on 3 sides. The installer replaced the figures on it, which made me happy. :-)

Who says grass won't grow in the desert in the Winter.....I fertilized and re-seeded out front yard. It's ready now for the 2nd cutting!

Parked on our back slab in the Yuma place. That storage room on the far right belongs to Jim (Wrong Turn) and Katie (KT)

We've been fertilizing and pouring the water to out Tangelo tree, and it's paid off. They are almost ready to start juicing for breakfast.

These 4 beauties will make about 16 oz. or pure juice.

The entry this year, and part of the car port. I'm posting this because family and friends have asked to see some pictures of the place.

Sherm & Pat, and Pat's brother Richard and wife Alice with Pauline, their mother, on her 100th Birthday!

Sophie, 10 month old rescue dog. She's a real joy, very smart and affectionate.
Maltese/Poodle mix.

Little Coco is another rescue dog. She's a year old. A little doll! These dogs belong to Rich and Alice. They sure hit the jackpot with both of them!

Found Food! A little cafe in South East Palmdale, California. On the Pear Blossom Highway. We stopped in for a late breakfast, and was pleasantly surprised at the very full and reasonably priced menu. Generous portions of excellent food! The employees were friendly. If we go this way again, it will be a planned stop!

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