Tuesday, December 14, 2010

70th B Day pics

This is Jumper. When I was very young, I remember having a little goat like this for a pet, her name was Swanly, named for a goat in Heide. This little one reminded my of her a lot. And that was about 65 years ago!

A Exotic animal farm South of Yuma

I had Julie with me on the ride this morning. She wasn't very impressed with these big guys.

The camels seemed to like the T-dub

Good climate for them I guess. They all look healthy.

A Zeburro. Half Zebra, half Burro.

The little goat is down there by the front wheel. He followed us around all morning.:-)

Goats of al kinds. Most seemed friendly

They were wanting food. You could buy dates and some other kind of treats for the animals

Don't know if he looks more Zebra or Donkey

He was playing in his corral.

Pretty Billy goat gruff.

One more of the Zeburro.

That big Ostrich was suppose to be mean

This is as close as we got to the Ostrich.

A zoom of it's head

Julie was getting tired of all this!

Went home to change bikes. Met up with Scott, a new person this year to our park. He has this Yamaha. We rode about 60 miles from the house up to Stone Cabin

Interesting place. We had burgers and fires. Scott has Buffalo, I ohad a Southwest Beef with a lot of jalapenos on it. Big..juicy..and good!

A one man operation. This is the 6th year he's been open. It's about 28 miles south of Quarzsite, in the middle of nowhere

Neighbor Scott. A Yuma county Deputy sherrif stopped in to visit.

It was cool when we left Yuma, but in the mid 70's by the time we got here

Randy, the owner, stocks a lot of thigs the tourists buy

Stinky oil

Scott is checking out all the goodies

Cross between a Pelican and a seagull I think.

We went to a Jam in the Foothills tonight. These are some of the lights we looked at after the Jam.

Several blocks of nice Lights.

The streets are bright!

Electric blue!

They have contests out here every year

We enjoyed the lights

This is the photo I sent in to the TW200 forum. They are having a contest this month. "Your TW with an animal, not necessarily a pet". I covered all bases with this shot I think.

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