Friday, December 10, 2010

Gas mileage ride

HUGE heads of cabbage in there! They are about ready to harvest. This is on Hwy 95, just a couple miles East in Yuma.

We were going to use this for our Christmas picture. Can't seem to agree on one. So, I'll just post it here. Dec 11th, 2010. By our Tangelo tree in Yuma. We both like last years, and nothing has changed, so we'll just use it again. Problem solved :-)

This Bar and grocery store has been closed for a couple of years. Too many drunk drivers and fights inside caused them to lose the license. It's now in the process of re-opening, they said about a week. It's a long way from no where out here.

Another re-opened place. An outside grill for Mexican food, tamales, bacon wrapped hotdogs, tacos, roasted corn on the cob, etc. We stopped for some nourishment on the gas mileage ride today. Redd looks a little different without his hat and his handlebar "stach"

The lady that opened the little eatery put in a gift and antique shop. She's now building an outside entertainment area with a large fireplace and bar. It will be open soon

The horses look a little different in Arizona. this one looks pregnant.

And, they have big ears!

Redd's second ride since breaking/spraining his foot. He's careful, and is pain, but is doing all right. We went 45.1 miles between gas stations. Averaged 45 mph. I took .418 gallons, Redd took .441 gallons. I'd say that was pretty good. For the last 15 miles, I leaned as far down as possible to cut the wind better. And, I have one more tooth in the counter sprocket.

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