Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jim and Katie Arrive!

Getting off bugs from a lot of states! Jim and Katie at the wash rack.

Ladies from Southern Indiana's back woods aren't into shoes. She may start a new trend in Arizona.

This old girl is cleaning up pretty good!

West (BG) Virginia!

KT with Bull, Wrong Turn lovin' on Lucy. We stopped for as short visit with Redd and his pets.
Jim (Wrong Turn) and Katie (KT) pulled into the Lynda Vista around 4 PM on the 22nd. I was out at the Marine Air Station, buying a new Mac Book Pro when they arrived. They were mostly unpacked by the time I got home, that was good timing:-). Sure going to be nice having good neighbors!

The young couple put in some very long miles, they left Indiana late Sunday evening. Today is Wednesday. They will probably crash early tonight!

Jim found this inside his storage room. Good possibility that something is buried there! I have a feeling it may have been gophers, but not likely they could dig up through the plywood floor..Very interesting! Tomorrow we'll do some detective work. (right after I see if the Exchange at the base will take back the Mac. After 4 hours, I've decided it isn't something I want. Although, I may have to keep it. If so, I'll live with it, but probably not happily :-)

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