Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas season pictures

This "well traveled"Christmas Cactus goes back and forth to Oregon with us. Pat's mother gave it to us several years ago. I never bloomed until we came to Yuma. Pure white flowers with pink insides. It is loaded with buds that will be flowers soon!

We picked up this small tree at the "After Christmas Sale" at Walmart last year. The lights are on, and Pat is putting some of the little treasures we brought with us on it. Not a lot of ice and snow, but the warm sun feels good during the Christmas Season!

Dale Hanson. A guy with a "heart of gold". Even though he and Ev have a busy Social Life, he's always busy helping people in the park. He's spent the last 3 days painting a neighbor's trailer. His pants are wet from watering his new lawn this morning, not from any accidents :-)

Mario. Park handiman, gardener, plumber, mechanic and all round good guy! Dec 15, 2010.

We had a Jam in our park today. Jerry, who always hosts these wasn't feeling well today. But the show went on. This is our neighbor Jimmy. Singing his heart out!

Pat and I went to Chili's this evening. Here is our appitizer. Shoestring onions and Jalapeno stack, with Jalapeno/Ranch dip. I had a half rack of ribs and Pat had Chicken Fajitas. All the food was excellent. I was so hungry and it looks so good, I forgot to take a picture of the entree's.

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