Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Border Adventure

I'll be spending a couple hours cleaning up the bike today after the ride yesterday. Clean and lube the chain too.

I noticed this last night after I'd finished posting. That's Castle Dome in the background in this picture. It's over 50 miles from where this picture was taken. I just noticed it, and decided to all this shot. I only post a small percentage of all the pictures I take :-)

This lettuce field is about a mile from our house. Another mile, and I'll be at the Colorado River. The other side is Mexico.

Several different kinds of lettuce is growing in the fields

I'm not sure what this is...

I think it's called Kohlrabi or something like that. It's some kind of vegetable anyway.

The River has cement banks on both sides. They did this several years ago to control flooding and to make it difficult to climb out of it. I'm parked in the US, that's Mexico on the other side.

The ONLY vehicles I saw moving were about 5 different Border control trucks, in 20 plus miles of dirt road. Looking over the bars of the TW200 (the T-Dub)

There's a farm house in those trees. Here you can see the United States where the bike is, and just a few feet to the left is the Colorado River and Mexico on the other side.

A portable Gen set with lights. I passed a few of these, but many miles of nothing in between.

Mexico across the River. There are miles and miles of totally unprotected area. Just the River you see here.

On the US side, they are harvesting lettuce.

An unmanned observation tower.

The River is underground for a ways along here. The gate on the right is Mexico, I'm going to keep left on the US side.

The Left is the Right side. The Right is the wrong side. :-) Hmmm, which way to go...

Here's a short stretch of the River that doesn't have cement on the banks

I passed several of these bridges. no one around, and easy to walk across and get under the rail.

A new crop of some kind on the US side

I could have easily got the T-dub under the rail and into Mexico. Some of the bridges would have even been easier.

The GPS was indicating I was in Mexico, I took the next left to get back on the other side.

Don't know how deep the river is, but when you are close, there is a LOT of water and a strong current flowing faster than you'd think.

A few miles North of San Luis (Lou-ees), Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico, there is a fence on the US side. It would be very difficult to get over it.

Here is the unmanned gate at the end of the fence. Only a short distance from here (maybe a mile or two) into the City

I'm in San Luis, Arizona, USA here. The dirt road you see straight ahead is the one I just came off of. There was a Border Control vehicle about a half mile back up that road, but since it's not a Border crossing right there, there is no control I could see.

I'm about 2 blocks from the Border Crossing here. A McDonalds in San Luis, Arizona

Hundreds of field workers get off a bus here and go home to the Mexican side every day. Lots of them still have on the head gear to protect them from the sun when working in the fields

This lady has been shopping. There is a Walmart about a half mile from here, chances are that's here this basket came from

Maybe a quarter-mile wide and a couple miles long, this field has thousands of mellons just laying to rot. Don't know why they weren't harvested.

More lettuce in harvest between San Luis and Somerton.

This tractor driver gave me peace signs :-) The mud is from irrigation.

Advertising a shopping center. There will be a Tamale Festival in about 10 days here in Somerton. We'll be attending :-)

Redd met me in Somerton. This is his first ride since a fall down some stairs and giving his foot a bad strain and possible broken bone. He was going stir crazy, and called, so we made a rendezvous here so he could ride home with me.

Dates on a palm. This tree isn't part of an orchard, and hasn't been properly watered. So the dates will just fall off instead of maturing on the tree.

We found a place where field works sit around a fire and drink quarts of beer. There was a LOT of empties. they use the tires to keep the fire going. Looks like a comfortable place.

We spent some time visiting and looking around here. It's very close to the border, might not be the best place to spend the night, but looks like a fun spot.

The T-Dub is perfect for this kind of riding.

This is a field of leaf lettuce. They have to harvest it manualy.

The workers cut it, and it goes in these boxes to be hauled away.

Everything is very neat. The heads have to be all the same size and about the same weight. When the boxes leave the field, they are ready to be shipped and delivered to stores.

This workers are very fast and good with their knives. They make right at $10 an hour, and have good benefits. But, you don't see any Caucasians in any of the fields.

A field ready to plant. (could already be seeded) and a Date Palm orchard.

A store kept in business by the farm workers passing by. Very friendly people work here.

Across this field, but before you get tto the mountains, is the City of Algodones, Baja California, Mexico.

An Arizona shade tree :-)

Cajun fried shrimp and some kind of good squash. These shrimp came out of the Sea of Cortez yesterday morning. They were cooked in garlic butter with Cajun spices. They were excellent!

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