Monday, December 13, 2010

More Dirty Roads!

This field had been harvested not long ago, there are still some rows that hadn't been picked up. I don't know if this is a controlled burn, or wild fire. I could see the smoke for several miles, it was just to the left of where I was riding on the Dike road.

After several miles of dirt, I was treated to a few miles of pavement. All of a sudden, a sign said "end of County maintenance", so I was back on dirt again

I like this house!

Heard of this recreation area, this is first time there. They wanted $10 for a day pass. I rode through without stopping.

This is on the Arizona side of the Colorado, but not by much...

Sand, loose gravel and some rocks made this a pretty exciting hill!

I think this is part of Mittry Lake. Nice water!

Looks level, but this is the top of another little hill. It IS down from here.

A boat launch ramp at Mittry Lake.

This might be the Colorado. If it is, I'm on the California side. There are a couple bridges, I lost track of where I was. That's Castle Dome off in the distance.

The Garmin showed a short-cut across some pretty rough desert, from the US Army Proving Grounds, to where it comes out here on Hwy 95. I'd have been lost several times without the GPS.

Stopped for a little rest and reflection.

Lunch. Protein Bar and energy drink.

The SPOT. This has 4 levels of reporting on my trip. And, it marks my location every 10 minutes. When I get back to the computer, it uses Google Maps to show my trip. Pretty cool.

Inside the little church

The Gila (Heela) River isn't what it used to be. By the time it gets this far, most of the water has been used for irrigation. This isn't too far from where it joins the Colorado, in Yuma.

I didn't know they made Gin in Yuma County, but that's what the sign says!

They must truck in the little Juniper berries, then smash them up and make the Gin.

You would think this would be a bottling machine, but, strangely enough, it looks a little bit like cotton.

Probably left over Juniper Berries. :-)

Charlie the Burro. I latched up with Tom from the Park, we were going to a Camel Farm. They were closed, so went down to Gadsden to get a picture with my little friend here. Very close to the Border. This used to be Mexico, before the Gadsden Purchase back in the 1800 somethings.

Our friend Tom Adkins from our RV park. He has a nice Harley (even if it does look like and Army Truck:-)

Charlie gets a pet. No carrots for him today.

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